As a client this is what you can expect from Career Management:Client Solutions

Thoughtful and insightful analysis of your recruiting needs which will allow us to provide unique solutions for every search we conduct for you.

• A team of executive recruiters that work together to bring you the timely results desired
• A sense of urgency when it comes to solving your recruitment needs 
• Access to top companies throughout North America and the talented executives that make them successful
• Executive recruiters, with prior management and leadership experience in many industries, who will deliver consistent and superior results
• A dedicated staff of researchers to assist in uncovering talent
• A current database of over 100,000 candidates, with experience at all levels of retail, e-commerce, wholesale and across the board business services management.
• Insight to current recruiting and hiring trends; and advice on how take advantage of them
• Consistent and open communication throughout the process
• Since 1978 we've developed a network with industry leaders willing to share their knowledge

Career Management delivers:

• Candidates with proven track record
• Skill sets that meet your requirements
• Every candidate has been screened with your organization in mind - we understand the importance of the right 'fit'
• Qualified candidates that meet your financial requirements

The best people bring you bottom line results:

When you choose Career Management, you are choosing a company that will provide your organization with a vast and growing network of highly qualified candidates who will add to the growth and profitability of your company. 

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